AEthelmearc Crown Tourney - Spring 2005

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Courtesy of Lord Alaxandair
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Courtesy of Lord Alaxandair
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The Crown of the Prince
Kingdom of AEthelmearc

In accord with law and tradition Their Majesties of AEthelmearc, Malcolm and Tessa, did announce and invite noble combatants and consorts to compete in a tournament to choose the Heirs to Their Throne. It is my pleasure to report that on the fourteenth day of May Anno Societatis forty, an event was held in the Shire of King's Crossing for that purpose.

The assembled populace did bear witness while consorts inspired their champions to perform honorably as they displayed their prowess. The tournament was fast paced and a testament to the endurance of the combatants. But this tournament had a singular purpose, only one couple would claim victory at the end of the day.

Vivant to AEthemearc's Crown Prince and Princess,
Robin and Isabeau

... but here in AEthelmearc there is more to Crown Tourney than just choosing Heirs.

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